Tower and Beam Installation

Thanks to the help of many including especially the 'Tower Talk' group the day has finally arrived and was completed without injury to life or health.

Just a little grimmicing at times Hi Hi


Beam Installation Day

My Friend Jack Valentine and my Son Stephen preparing for the big pull

I am at the top of the tower secured by my climbing harness, waiting for Jack and Stephen to hoist the Hornet Tribander up to me - as Stephen begins the pull on the rope tied to the Beams mast section.

Jack stands by watching the pulley and rope as it passes through while Stephen contiues the pull and the Hornet is a little more than 1/2 way up the tower.

Now I have the Beam in hand while Jack and Stephen secure the rope to the tow hitch of Jack's truck because thier hands got tired of holding the rope. The beam would move up or down just enough to make it very difficult for me to postion on top of the tower and with the tow hitch it was perfectly still vertically.

As Jack and Stephen look on I am struggling with the beam to get it level and positioned near the mast. This part was the hardest for me and a lot harder than I thought it would be.

This was on a very calm day. Now I am about to get the beam level and position it at the mast. Of course at this point the wind started picking up in short gusts of around 8 MPH.

Here the picture gets a little tricky. Looks like I have the Hornet tribander fully postioned and ready to tighten down. Well that is almost true except that what you cant see:

My right hand is pinned between the flat sharp mast to boom support and the mast because the wind caught the beam at just the wrong time and moved it right over all four of the knuckles on my right hand.

I had to free my left hand to move the beam off of my right hand in order to complete the job. YES it hurt a lot, but had to ignore the pain to complete the work.

Hands free a little blood flowing and tightening down the bolts on the mast to boom support. After all my work with fence line, poles, wire antennas, ect I am almost convinced that without a little of my sweat and blood these things wont work.

At least mine wont, yours might.